What is the meaning of "Gumption Traps"?

Dec 16, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Programming 1973 Comments

Today I decided to try and understand myself or simply some of the things that really shut my brains down whenever I am trying hard to focus.

Normally and I know this for a fact, big expectations do not faze me. Contrary to it — it is the small things that really disturb me. The things that don’t matter in the bigger picture. Like a full stop in the middle of a long sentence or a forest of words as the English say, with a desert of ideas.

Like when I try to read something so si[…]

The Lincoln Christmas Market 2011

Dec 03, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Events and Conferences 529 Comments

Today I wasn’t planning going to town at all, it just happened that my daughter Saara had pushed a few coins into the iMac’s CD drive and they would not come out. So I had to sort it out.

Drove into town like I didn’t care about what was going on. Turned onto the High street at the Southpark round-about and straight into traffic. Just incase you are wondering, Lincoln’s High street has just undergone a near complete redesign of lanes and purpose. So much that pedestrian paths are encroac[…]

Materials I use for developing geeky stuff at 21Waves

Jul 09, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Products and Services 899 Comments

Some books am reading not because I have to but because I believe in the same principles they profess.

"Knowledge sharing is the best way to teach yourself"

  • Beginning Ruby
  • Rails Test Prescriptions
  • Javascript
  • CSS Mastery
  • The Ruby Way
  • The Rails Way
  • Getting Real

Others will come soon

So Flitter is taken, what next?

Jul 09, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Programming 551 Comments

We were looking for filtter but someone thought of it before we did.

Any names you have keep them away from the pub for now. We will brainstorm them and pull one off. Then we can build it.

See you on 12 July 2011 for the next real geeky meetup where we will be building real apps and doing what we do best.

LiSC: Sponsors Lincoln Hack

Jun 03, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Events and Conferences 1025 Comments

The Lincoln Social Computing (LiSC) Research Center is a multidisciplinary group within the School of Computer Science at the University of Lincoln. The center includes academics from computer science, game studies, animal behavior and psychology. Our research is focused on social aspects of human-computer interaction (HCI). This includes investigations of how people engage with mobile and social platforms including online social networks (OSNs), micro-blogging services, and social a[…]

Hack Day Products you don't know but use

May 12, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Events and Conferences 821 Comments

A lot of people mistake “Hacking” with the act of breaking into a computer system to steal personal or private data for purposes of causing harm.

What is hacking : Computer hacking is the most popular form of hacking nowadays, especially in the field of computer security, but hacking exists in many other forms, such as phone hacking, brain hacking, e[...]

Rails 3.1: jQuery made a board member, yeay!

May 06, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Programming 866 Comments

“Rails 3.1 will ship with jQuery as the default JavaScript library. Prototype helpers/RJS are going into a gem.” DHH

The best news so far

I believe Ruby on Rails is the most powerful and beautiful web application framework today. If you doubt that, I dare you to look around the ecosystem. You WILL NOT find a single - respectable - web framework, written in any language, that hasn’t adopted the paradigms and phil[…]

So what do you actually do for a living?

Apr 15, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Entrepreneur, Business, Start-ups 2547 Comments

“I was reading a post on IttyBiz that challenged readers to answer a very scary question. What do you actually do? Since I am not a scaredy-cat, I thought I’d try and give it a shot. Here goes.”

The Questions:

What’s your game? What do you do?

Why do you do it? Do you love it, or do you just have one of those creepy knacks?

Who are your cus[…]

Figuring out the beggining of `thing

Apr 12, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Entrepreneur, Business, Start-ups 1678 Comments

This is a 3 phased article. i will be updating the rest soon. Well soon as when am in the zone.

I have found phases in the process of beginning any new thing I am doing. But figuring out the start and the phase has been a long and time consuming effort. Without the time element I may not have the right conclusions about the decisions I have taken, or are about to take or will be taking in the future.

Learning Phase

This phase is a demanding process that requires patie[…]

The Lincoln Hack

Apr 05, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Programming 1536 Comments


Instead of fiddling with what it means, I decided to take the Leeds hack definition and change it a bit. I hope @theHodge don’t mind.

A Hacking event is simply, stick 100 people in a room, give them food, water and wifi and see what magical thing they create over the weekend.

Hack days are a great way of unleas[…]

5 Best Practice Web Documentation Resources

Mar 30, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Typography 1865 Comments


While JavaScript is a widely used web technology, its documentation and a search for documentation is as bad as developers who don’t comment their code get. You would think that a search for “JavaScript” would give you a good result. In fact the best you get is W3Schools results.

“For the record, W3Schools is not associated in any way with W3C and its documentation are full of wrong information. Its certificates are not recognized by any employer and are mo[…]

Job: ASP.NET Programmer required in Lincoln

Mar 17, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Jobs 1064 Comments

A job opportunity for a freelance ASP.NET developer in Lincoln preferably a local developer who can occasionally attend meetings with the client will be ideal. A good grasp of SEO, JavaScript and other new technologies will be a plus.

The clients sales holidays and other related services online.

About the job

There are 3 existing websites that share 2 different databases. This needs to be integrated into one. There is ongoing maintenance work and occasional develo[…]

subject is video & animation for business

Mar 07, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Typography 2314 Comments


Video and 3D for the web has arrived with a bang. Even the big players like Apple have moved so quickly to using graphics and processors that are fast with better responses.

Incorporating browsers and computer processing capabilities was a move by Microsoft in their new Internet Explorer 9 browser now in beta which was received with smiles and awe. Others however, have moved and flew past IE9 e.g. Chrome browser from Google, while the elephant still slee[…]

Agile: I am trying to move Lincolnshire

Mar 07, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Entrepreneur, Business, Start-ups 2496 Comments

I am trying to move Lincoln, no, I am trying to move Lincolnshire. I am trying to bring the talents in Lincolnshire closer for collaboration and contribution to each others progress.

Lincolnshire is full of wonderful agile and lean ideas and initiatives. But it stops at where the businessman meets technology. Where being nice means saying yes, and being on the other side of the know is ok, as long as you make a living out of it and it doesn’t change or just hinders good progress that lit[…]

10 reasons why i started the ilinkoln meetup

Mar 03, 2011 • By: Nelson Kelem • Category: Entrepreneur, Business, Start-ups 1346 Comments

There are generally 10 reasons why you should not start anything. The top of the list for me is Passion.

I mean this with a pint of salt. I have tried a few things I thought I was very passionate about. I have discussed them and thrown some out the window and pursued others like a breeding bull on a mission. And I still do that every so often. But I have learned a few lessons in the process. About passion and love, and they are not very pleasant. Unless you love poo and […]